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the devs even commented on it and about it, and why they felt it would not compromise PvP. Even for a level 10 player hopping into PvP, the crystals do not = pay 2 win.. and you know it.
I bought and equipped 2 pink +41 endurance crystals on a lvl 39 pvp toon. I can tell you I feel the difference even "only" 11 lvls before the "cap". Since those can be found at the GTN for 80k, well ok... Everyone could do it... But that's not the point here...

The difference in HPs when bolstered is big, even at lvl 39 : it *has* won me tons of 1v1 an even a couple 2v1 in wzs I would have lost for sure without them...

Still their "they felt it wouldn't compromise" spin is just as much a spin as your "and you know it" spin, and you know it.

I don't understand how people can still try to explain the space pieces sold at the CS as not being P2W when on top of that it rewards BH coms, and later box with stabs and matrix in them...

The thing is : it's all tied, the fact that the comm cost for each piece is so high, the fact you get BH comms as rewards, and stabs in boxes and that in the end those parts end up in the CS.
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