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12.11.2012 , 09:49 PM | #6
Lets get real for a bit. The only people I know that really like the space missions are the people that use the space bots to farm gold and mats. I personally know people that have had account bans for this, only after somebody rats on them.. Just Google it, several SWTOR space bots out there people are using because of the simplicity of the missions. Exact same thing over and over. Knowing this, now realize that this is a reason they think that space is popular. With bots preforming hundreds of space missions a day.
Frankly the only thing about the space combat that is good is the predictability. Although it reminds me of the old arcade style pilot coin operated games of the 1980's. Anyone that played SWG will be extremely disapointed when they see what BW has done to space. I wish that who ever designed the current space system on SWTOR had taken the time to see how SWG did it.
Fact is with older technoligy SWG had completely customizable, craftable ships. Ships that could land on a planet, fly in the atmosphere and compete in open space pvp. Space was probably my biggest let down initially about SWTOR. I feel so let down about my Bounty Hunter ship that I fast travel when I can to avoid the ship all together.