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12.11.2012 , 09:37 PM | #4
In these new Heroic Space battle missions, any target that require a Proton Torpedo actually need to have 2 of them launched at it. Not like the old missions, where 1 Torpedo was enough for the job and also we saw no reason to have 4 Torpedoes before, but now we do.. as some of the new missions have 2 targets that needs to be torpedoed, so all 4 has to be used.

But yes they are difficult to target, but doable with practise..

Personally I spend 4 full hours before completing all 6 new space missions.. never had to practise that hard on space battle before.. almost gave up a few times, yelling and cursing.. and worse.. until the paths and tactics became more.. logical with practise

To the question if they are bugged, then yeah I got crashed to desktop as well during one of them, but that also sometimes happened in prior patches, frustrating true.
However the worst bug, I do hope it is a bug, comes after completing all 6 and finally get a crack of the rewards from doing them as weeklies!

One would assume all 6 is included somehow in weekly play, right? Well.. only 2 of them was for me, one as solo and then the same again + another, so 2 "different" weeklies and that was it.
Well except that a 3rd was in my mission terminal to accept, but when clicking accept it bugged out with a message of me not being eligible for it, even as I had completed everything up to that and had room in both inventory and mission log

So now I am stuck with a mission I can't accept and do.. which is most regrettable as I'm sure that one has to complete that one to open for another of the missing 4 mission.. or there would be no reason for 6 to begin with.