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Realistically, whatever else you think of how SWTOR's been handled in the year since launch, I get the impression the CS team who are on duty right now, tonight, during the massive spike of returning accounts are pretty swamped. Just looking at Beesodd earlier tonight you have someone who had to be trying to do 17 things at once.

To take a hypothetical series of threads: this person asks why cartel coins aren't happening, and so data needs to be gathered to pass on to the developers to help track down what went wrong. This other person over here asks why the launcher is freezing during patching for them. This third person asks why the launcher isn't even starting up, while someone else misreads the thread and chimes in with an unrelated problem. These people over here ask why they can't create characters even after deleting all their characters, which necessitates another "the developers are aware of this and looking into things" and then in the middle of that thread someone misread the title and chimes in that their account says it lacks a current subscription. And most of these threads happen over and over and over in slightly different variants, while the CS folks have to handle them all individually (and relatively simultaneously).

Even within a given thread/incident, CS often have a specific series of "you can have them try these things to fix it" solutions; if they run through that whole script and can't find an immediate answer, they may end up going silent. Sometimes this is because policy at a given corporation is "if you run through established solutions, don't make wild guesses that someone will present as God's Honest Gospel Truth by virtue of coming from a staffer's name rather than just a guess at what might be going wrong." Or sometimes the CS folks might be off waiting to hear back from the appropriate development team, in hopes of getting a couple new "Well, maybe it's *that*, can you have them try *this*?" theories they can add to the folder of 'troubleshooting steps to take.'

Cut 'em some slack; yeah, that you weren't able to play before they took the servers down for further maintenance tonight kind of sucks, but they're only human (despite the droid avatars), and tonight has got to be absolutely flaming crazy over there in the CS department. I'm sure Beesodd or Speire or one of the others will cycle back through here when they have another idea for you to try, even if that idea turns out to just be 'there were some tweaks to the launcher/patcher in this server maintenance window, try patching again and see if that fixes things' or something equally simple.

This isn't meant to chastise or criticize, mind you! Just a brief "as frustrating as this is for you, keep in mind what it must be like in their shoes right now, and how many threads they have been trying to stay on top of" note, from someone who's been on the service side of that customer/service chasm in the past, even if she's on the customer side of that chasm now.

And I am clearly past the point of "too tired to type coherently," so I'm going to go to bed. Good luck getting patched up and running ASAP, ovey!
You may have a point, but it wouldn't be an issue if they didn't FIRE everyone. Not that I don't have any sympathy towards the individual BIOWARE worker, but the organization as a whole has done this to themselves. The staff they have has done a good job in my opinion considering the amount of workload, but there's NOT ENOUGH OF THEM DOING THE JOB TO MEET THE WORKLOAD. Bioware has become EAware and once again EA has destroyed what was once a good thing with their profit first mentalities.