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Perhaps you shouldn't think you are entitled to force your own opinions and choices ingame down other people's throats?
if isnt as much as forcing opinions but rather trying to correct the piss poor way the hms are now run by much of the player base. if this method is contiued as such in the future the game wont have too many nails left out of its coffin.

you will not attract new players to this game when they are required to be guilded in order to use a lfd feature to gear up as new 50s. hm and story ops lfd groups are beyond hit and miss but rather are races for easy loot coms. the fun of such for non guild groups is rapidly dwindling. couple this with a terrible world pvp there is little left to do at 50 for the new unguilded. these are the new blood trying to be attracted to this game

these bh coms have done absolutely nothing constructive to this game but rather the opposite. you are proof of such when players like the op want to enjoy and run a instance as intended and then you flame him as enforcing a opinion and choice on others which is opposite of your own. the op only wants to run the instance as it was intended and not race through it in 10 mins so a bunch of selfish players like your self can get their bh coms.