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1.6 update GOGO!
If you have min/maxed WH I would not jump into standard Elite gear. If you don't have min/maxed WH I would recommend min/maxing FIRST. It is so cheap now and the boost from standard WH to Elite so minute there is no reason min/maxed WH would still not be better than standard Elite from the damage output perspective. We will need to work on mitigation first though.

As a min/maxed WH Sent/Maur I would recommend pulling the new hilts and the new armorings and putting those into your current min/maxed gear. And then one at a time swapping in the upgraded mod or enhancement in each of your pieces. This way you are not going backwards by just tossing on random ACC or CRIT to screw everything up.

Fairly sure I saw the mods were coming out of the boots. Didn't yet see where the enhancements were.

The annoying thing now is that we will once again have to trade in pieces which drags things out a bit.
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