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What you (and BioWare) seem to be missing is that Life Day is not Christmas. It's an equivalent holiday, sure, but they're not the same thing. Christmas lights and a snowblower have no place in this universe, particularly in tandem with Life Day.

Before SW:TOR release, the developers stated that we would have in-game holidays, but not ones rife with real world allusions like WoW. It's unfortunate that not only are we not getting those events, but real world references abound.
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Hillbilly lawn mower with lights on, i also hate it
GW2 has cash shop items and the event to go with it which is a good way to go i think.

SWG had some good star wars events which i like, if its in the lore im good with it, my problem comes if things are lore breaking aka the SWG ewok festival of love with people running round in cupid wings with choclate fountains of ewoks :s that i didnt like it was lore breaking. Events are good tied in with the lore and the life day is a big event in the star wars universe (specially for our furry kashyyk friends). The speeder they have put in for life day or whatever they wana call it is lorebreaking for me, it has nothing to do with life day it is a red speeder with christmas tree lights hung round it.

I dont care if they have orbs speeders whatever in the Cartel market i really dont but put some fluff in for events ingame also not all in the cash store.

I think this is something we need to agree to disagree on we both have very different strong views on the subject and i hope its not viewed as a argument because i have not seen it as one.


ps. i saw the mm me me comment, i wont comment on the BJ signiture
Personally, I would have been fine if they didn't even put the Life Day stuff in the game at all. The fact that George allowed it to become canon was just one of several asinine decisions he made (imho). I would have been perfectly fine with the game going about it's business without nary a mention of any Holidays or Anniversary Celebrations. The fact that every other game does one probably reinforced that feeling with me - a been there done that several times type of feeling. Each one is different for each game, but all end up feeling meh and obligatory in short order which (for me) takes more away than it enhances the moment.

I actually thought the Devs said that nothing relating to real world holidays were planned, and that if they had holidays it would be relevant to the universe/lore, but don't remember them saying it was a guarantee to be in, either. Just something that may come to pass if they felt like doing it (and got the necessary approval).

I don't view it as an argument, either, but an entertaining topic of discussion, and I wasn't commenting on your sig - I was making a comment on the poster who claimed to have inside info on the SSSP.

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