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12.11.2012 , 08:39 PM | #6
The old missions could be bashed through with high grade parts and some basic dodging, and did not really require any of the "special" items.

On these new ones, however, you need to constantly be swapping your boost. Whenever you're not firing at something, set it to shields and take a second to recharge.

Also, there are a number of points that essentially require you to pop Jamming and/or EMP--for objectives, survival, or both. A few run-throughs will help you figure out when those crunchtimes are...and keep in mind, some missions are long enough to make use of them a couple times.

Finally, to get all the objectives in, you'll have to focus on the targets that don't see much screen time. Learn when you'll have chances to shoot at them, and ignore other targets during that time.