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12.11.2012 , 08:22 PM | #623
Bioware got to admit this is rubbish, for months people asked for life day and everyone kept saying, na it's not going to happen.

Then you bring life day but in the form of a cheap "get more money" out of them tact. So far all I can see in terms of in game items is all effort being put into cartel market and nothing else. The last in game armour set was a rehash of the previous one but in a different colour. Cartel market on the other hand gets nice detailed armour with different designs.

Don't get too greedy now Bioware by keep all the good stuff for cartel market, so subs need to pay more money again to get anything good.

Also as everyone else said Life day is a holiday event not a cartel only one off special. Please add more to community other than more ways to make a buck.