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Between Keyboardnija's wise words and the OP's concerns lets simplify some of this.
The infiltration skill tree on the first set of skills has a ability that makes light armour as good as medium armour in terms of mitigation. So if you roll a DPS shadow you will be way tougher than smashers( sentinals). All shadows get two defensive cooldowns that are argued best in the game. Deflection and Resistance.
Shadow DPS is considered some of the best in the game, a Balanced spec'ed shadow will pull easily 1600+ in top gear. The infiltration spec will pull higher numbers but is harder to sustain than the balance spec.
Shadow tanking is godlike. Shadows are endowed with some of the best tanking utility of all the classes. Where other tanks will just have to take the attack for what it is worth a shadow can negate it . Doing so requires a active knolledge of your recieving damages type and your abilities usefulness. Shadow tanks maybee light armoured but require the least amount of healing of all the tanking classes. Shadow tanks don't lose threat.
While I love the sage , there is a few drawbackS. Yes the light armour doesn't off anywhere near the protection that a shadows light armour does. As a ranged class you are kinda a turret. The ranged is very nice except their dps is the worst of all the classes. The sage is widely considered the best of the healing classes. Leveling to 50 is easier on a sage. The reason of what order you get your compainions is set up for sage not shadow in the consular story line. It's frustrating doing class quests as a durable melee character with no healing untill lvl24.
Maybee this helps, I recomend you read some of keybordnijas other posts on shadows and read kitru's take on our class.
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