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12.11.2012 , 07:33 PM | #353
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what a sad path this game is walking, like I anticipated all the shiny fun stuff from now on will be available mostly on cartel shop. only 3 ship upgrades available from vendor, rest are only from cartel shop..

pay2win garbage, last time i resubd.
All of the ship upgrades can be grabbed in game. 2 for 500 a piece on fleet com, 2 schematics for 700 fleet coms a piece, 2 on the Daily coms vendor (ilum/bh/section x) for 150 each and 1 schematic on Daily com vendor for 200 a piece. The power/shield swap is 300k on Fleet.

I also don't approve of what they did here though. But I guess it asks the question, how many people are going to actually do space missions now because that option is there? They are still the same ****tastic mini game that no one wanted.