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Wall of text incoming. Apologies.

On November 17th, I opened a Crime Lord Cartel Pack that contained a single item - a Minor Experience Boost. I did some forum-grazing and saw a few posts about this matter, so I submitted an in-game ticket on the matter. Here is a screenie of the on-item pack:

And here's a screenie of my first ticket.

I received a response two days later, saying they had provided the "restoration" I had requested, and that all restorations could be claimed via in-game mail. Here's a screenie of the response:

I did not receive any mail. After waiting several hours, I submitted a second ticket. Screenie:

Four days later, I received a response that CS had looked into my issue, and that I had in fact received all items from all my Cartel Packs. Screenie of response:

At this point, my slight irritation is approaching rage. Either CS is grossly mistaken, or this guy is calling me a liar. I submitted a third ticket on November 27th, screenie here:

Five days later, I received a response stating that I was miraculously once again eligible for an item restoration. (Why the back and forth?) Note that I offer to provide screenshots of the pack in question, and the response makes no mention of it. Also note that the response [I]specifically requests that i stop submitting tickets[I]. I'll stop submitting tickets when the issue is resolved, thank you very much. Screenie here

Cut to today. I have not been contacted by CS. I have not received anything in the mail, either in-game or to my email. Today I received a message from CS stating that they had "requested additional information" from me. Because I didn't respond to this imaginary request, they assume I "no longer require assistance."

It has been three weeks. What should have been a simple CS action has instead become a parade of insults to my character and intelligence. I stay away from generalizations and hyperbole, but this is - far and away - the worst execution of Customer Service I have been party or witness to.

I have posted here because I have zero faith in in-game CS to do anything other than string me along further without making any attempts at actually doing their job. My only hope is that someone here is possessed of a lingering respect for their customers.