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I'm done with the space mission BS, I'm usually decent enough at twitch games, but this is nonsense. I failed the Cha Raaba Assault mission now 10 times in a row with tier 7 equipment.

You get to the asteroid field and then destroy the 2 merc ships, easy as pie so far, then comes the mine field, the mines have shields and take several hits to kill, so I use my ECM there, otherwise I get blow up my them, no matter how much I evade and roll. Then comes the frigate and then the next wave of merc ships which can hit you even when you don't see them. I always die horribly in this part.

There is a difference between challenging and stupidly hard, this is not fun and I will probably forget that a space part exists for now.
I would suggest then, creating a thread to suggest rebalancing the Space Missions. It is quite possible that they do indeed need to be toned down a bit to make them more managable. Wouldn't be the first time something like this happened in any MMO.

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