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12.11.2012 , 06:48 PM | #1
I come here because at this point i really dont know what to do to get an answer. I had send around 5 ingame tickets requesting help and 6 days laters, still no answer. I have been here paying a sub for this game since day 1, there is not excuse for this silence when someone is supporting this game for so long. I will really appreciate if i can find some help here, or answers. I have this problem: Last week, i crafted four Armoring commando 27, then when i was trying to send the items to one of my Alts, i made a mistake writing the name, didnt notice the error till it was too late, but even when it was just a random name, unfortunately for me the character is real, probably for someone who is not even playing anymore, so at the end of the day, i just lost all my items. I have been sending tickets for like 6 days now, i know it was my mistake, but 4 Armoring 27 is a lot of time, resources and in-game money, even worse when im a Guild master of a small guild, and we have work together to get the mats to craft those items. Like i said before, at this point i dont really know what to do, or where i can go to finally find an answer so i will really appreciate for any help. Thanks.