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12.11.2012 , 06:47 PM | #13
I really want to celebrate and had plan to do so with my sister, but the fireworks are pitiful, sadly SWG had much better fireworks then these one. Has anyone tried to buy the one on the Cartel Market, maybe there better I wouldnít be surprised if they were. After all they couldnít even give us a simple event to celebrate Life Day or even the One Year Anniversary of the game.

Anyways Iím having a hard time celebrating when everything but those lame fireworks have to be bought. I still do love the game, but Iím losing hope and fear where itís heading. Please donít say you can buy them off the GTN, that doesnít change the fact we should get free gift/celebrations like all the other major MMO on the market.

I donít mind the Cartel Market having thing to buy, I actual like the Cartel Packs but putting all the holiday fun on the Cartel Market sort of kills the holiday fun. At least that how I feel.