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Lol... this game should favor what you do "outside of this game". If someone gives a lot of money to Bioware, do they deserve to have a max level, full BiS character, w/out playing the game for a minute? Can you obtain the exact same stuff? Yes. Do you think, for any second, that this is fair behavior?
Isn't that what MMOs do now - GW2 as the most recent example. Aren't live events, one time events, holiday events and the like all favoring those who have the time in Real Life to participate. Aren't 4 hour 25 man raids favoring those with the time in real life to dedicate to them? Is that fair to the player who can only play a couple of hours per week let alone per night?

When I walk into a Casino (not that I am a gambling man, but for example), should I think it unfair that the High Rollers are treated better than I am? If I go to a restaurant a few times a year, should I think it unfair that the person who goes there multiple times per week gets better seating than I do, or they get a special desert on the house and I don't? In terms of SWTOR specifically, I am sure there are a great many players who cannot afford a regular sub, and therefore play for free and will never spend a dime. Should they have equal treatment and enjoy everything I get as a subscriber?

So yes, those with more money will almost certainly have the advantage and get better treatment than those without. It may not be fair, but again, that's life and anyone who ever told you Life was supposed to be fair was an idiot.

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