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What happened to the direction you told us this game was going, before launch, in your dev blog? You, yourself, said that making this game a pure themepark would be a HUGE waste of the IP. You, yourself, said BW was making a game where people had strong community and could just "live" in the space. That was one of the best dev blogs I have ever read, and made me think you and BW REALLY UNDERSTOOD how to release an awesome MMO that was a true hybrid between sandbox and themepark. You were going to provide players with directed, story driven content AND make parts of the world open and engaging. You were going to appeal to multiple playstyles. You knew the dangers of making a WoW clone AND of making an empty sandbox.

WHAT happened??? This game is as pure a themepark as it gets, with no open endgame worlds. No social minigames, no reasons to be in cantinas other than to log out. The single player kotor 1 and 2 had more immersive cantinas, that felt MORE alive. There is NO effective difference between server types. There is no open world pvp system, no reason to do it, no rewards for doing it...etc. No players cities or ships. No community building on, what a disappointment. What happened to the endgame? The pvp endgame? Ilum was a disaster, you pulled it, and we still have no idea when you will fix it, get it right, then release it back.

Space...single player railspace in an MMO...*** were you guys thinking. Did you never play Xwing, Tie fighter, Xwing v Tiefighter or Xwing Alliance? SWG JTL? I had hoped you would go beyond JTL...instead you went below Xwing. Tragic.

What happened, man? Tell me you guys realize these problems and are going to take the game another direction....please....I am still supporting it with my money, but will not do this forever.

And the cash shop...ok. How about you give subscribers access to a "rares" section of the cartel market, where I can buy what I want. I dont mind paying money for something, IF I GET WHAT I WANT. Random packs are for the mathematically illiterate or the gamblers. I am neither. Then you could even charge F2Pers for access to the cartel rares market for the priviledge of directly buying what they want, or you could leave them to the RNG packs.
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