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12.11.2012 , 05:37 PM | #329
1-Tomb of Freedon Nadd
2-All my characters : Hurusma/Evelyna/An'riya/Dashrek/Drevela
3-Pretty frequent. Maybe once for every hour played. Sometimes closer, sometimes nothing
4-Seems to happens all random : in warzones, in ops, with and without parser/teamspeak running

6-Strangely last crash of today didn't register. I will post if I manage to catch the next one.

7-It's indeed a crash to desktop but I often have to return to the server selection screen. Usually he sound goes into a loop and the crash comes 2 or 3 second after that. I also have to log my character that was long during the crash (logging another character will result on a display error text telling me that my previous character is still logged)