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What about full lightning doesn't work would you explain please?
Lightning is too reliant on casted abilities. In PvP, people will interrupt you constantly, especially Thundering Blast, which is your top tier ability. It has such a long cast that it is super easy to interrupt and essentially worthless in a warzone. You will also get interrupted when casting your filler ability, lightning strike, which is required for all your procs. Madness and some of the hybrids have more instant abilities, and your best ability in those builds is death field, which can't be interrupted. I like full madness because the 2-second root on Sever Force is spectacular. It is on a low cooldown and is not affected by resolve. It's great both for your survivability, as it allows you to escape easier, and as an offensive weapon to keep others from escaping. It's great in Huttball in particular, where you can root ball carriers or others in a fire trap, which is immensely satisfying. Plus it does good damage.