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After looking into the many fantastic guilds The Harbinger has to offer on the Empire side; The returning members of Pretty Murderous Sith have decided to rebuild the old guild. Formerly of the Drooga's Pleasure Barge server, Pretty Murderous Sith looks to begin raiding and do ranked warzones. We are currently very small, but we are working to expand our numbers. We are currently accepting all classes and all levels. Please take the time to read our manifesto to decide if we are the right fit for you! Please contact Grav'evel in game to join.

Pretty Murderous Syndicate Manifesto

Who we are:

Pretty Murderous Sith was founded in December of 2011 between a group of four like minded players. Upon noticing a predilection for rolling mainly female characters within games and having a sense of humor about it; the guild name was forged with the intention to use the acronym “PMS”. We believe that friendship is the cornerstone of our guild, and many of us who were once strangers have met other individuals and established lasting friendships that truly enhance the social aspect, and gaming experience in general. We have experienced leaders in the realm of raiding, flashpoints, and PVP. We satisfy both the casual player, and the serious player. We believe in helping our members, and our members helping us. From leveling, to crafting, to raiding, our philosophy remains the same throughout. If you looking for a great social experience , have a good attitude, and a great sense of humor we hope you’ll join our ranks and help us thrive within the SWTOR community.

Who we are not:

To be so bold – We are not jerks, and don’t want jerks. Upon this guild’s foundation a “No elitists, no attitudes, no drama” stance was taken and is harshly enforced. We will not judge anyone for choices they make, we will not make anyone feel unintelligent or unwanted, we will not laugh at anyone’s expense. There is a time and a place for things such as “gear checks” or “constructive criticism”, however, we believe these things and things similar in this nature are unimportant until a player has decided to take his gaming experience from casual to progressive within the guild.

Guild leadership:

PMS has, and will continue to be a democratically structured guild. There is no “Guildmaster” persay, but a group of 4-5 (or possibly many more) high ranking officers or officials in a “round table” esk leadership structure. Though a Guildmaster title will undoubtably be placed upon an officer, this officer is no more powerful than the other members of the round table. In essence, all round table members are Guildmasters. Every member of this round table is responsible for a particular aspect of gameplay, as well as leadership responsibilities within the guild. One officer may be responsible for PVP, the other for dungeons etc. All major decisions within the guild are made by these officers through a voting process ruling for the majority vote. More importantly, an officer’s number one responsibility is ensuring a fun environment, and that every member of PMS is happy and enjoying themselves. Recruits can rise to a high ranking position within PMS as well , following these guidelines as we all play SWTOR together.

Code of conduct:

There are not many rules within PMS. Above all you MUST be respectful to it’s members and to it’s officers. We expect our members to be active, but understand that real life is more important than a game. No one will ever be removed from the guild for inactivity. You dictate your own gaming experience, we are just there to help ensure you enjoy it as much as possible. Foul language and profanity are tolerated to a point. If you fall off a cliff in a crucial moment in game, we don’t expect you to say “oh crumbs!” We will NOT tolerate other members being alienated, being berated, or being intentionally offended. There is a zero tolerance for sexist, racist, and homophobic language or comments. Essentially, be a decent human being and treat everyone within the guild with respect or you will not be playing with PMS.

Recruitment policy:

We are like the Statue of Liberty of guilds. Tired, weary, noob, crotchety old WoW player, it does not matter. We will take anyone, it is an open recruitment. All players are welcome!


Other than you being cool – we really don’t require anything. Things pertaining to raiding, dungeons and pvp. For example: if you would like to participate in raids you’ll need to have a Mic and Ventrillo. However, since PMS has and hopes to continue to appeal to both the casual and hardcore player not everyone will have to meet the more detailed requirements.

Become a member of Pretty Murderous Sith!

We hope you join us in this journey, and that we all gain more friends we can enjoy the ESO with when the day comes! We are all very excited about ESO and hope to all work together to have a great experience. Join us for the ride : )

The PMS words:

My blood I bestow;
Oh crap I’ve got aggro!