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Haha im not saying im a pervert!!! i just like girl imput <------ that sounds soooo wrong, erm erm i ment girl company is good fun
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Go, pickup girls on your local dating sites/pub or whatever, this is hardly the place to find women lol
When you start this thread you rate yourself as a "single pervert looking for hot blondees".

In the other hand, I think is a "cliché" girls don't play MMO's, I agree, is not the best place to find girls, but still, at least one of my ex, which I meet in SWG, is a gorgeous girl, truly an angel.

Anyway, as Bhemont told you, go to a bar or whatever, to meet woman. If you can, come to this event in Cancún for New Year. I'll be there and I'm pretty sure you will find "hot blond blue eyes", like you said.

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