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If your team does not hold a pylon at the end of each round, then your team will be behind so many points that it's very unlikely for you to be able to win, unless you also manage to hold both pylons after another round. Because of this, making sure that your team holds at least one pylon at the end of each round is one of the single most important things you can do in any Warzone.

One very important thing to note, is that it only takes 6 seconds to capture a pylon. This means two things:
1. If you see that there are more than six seconds left when you abandon the pylon, then the enemy can still capture it while you are running back.
2. A mezz is long enough for the enemy player to capture it.

What this is turn means, is that one single stealther can guarantee a capture if there is only a single defender.
Operative/Scoundrel has it the easiest.
- First they can from stealth put an 8 second mezz on the defender.
- Because it only takes 6 seconds to capture a pylon, the defender is forced to use his CC breaker, if it's off cooldown.
- Then the Operative/Scoundrel simply uses their instant 8 second AOE mezz. Because you only have one CC breaker, and because of how the resolve system works, this is a guaranteed capture, and it is impossible for a single defender to stop it.

An Assassin/Shadow can also easily do it, but they have to either do their second mezz with a cast time, or restealth and cast the second from stealth also.

Therefor, having only one person defending your teams pylon at the end of a round is not enough.

Of course, it's just as easy for two stealthers to completely disable two defenders...

These objectives are fairly important for a Warzone which was supposed to be about team deathmatch.
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