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I personaly hope the sith inqisator tries to become emperor(and fails miserbol) and is forced to flee as the empire is trying to kill him.
Building his own empire(wich later conquered or killed by the sith empire)
From that point forward he is on the run.
Because of his strenght(and the already weakend sith empire) the sith empire wont active attack him(lore wise) but he is technicly wanted.

Also and this is something i really want to see.
A ops where revan with the help of the players kills the emperor for good by a soul sacrfice.(wow icecrown style)
Revan sacrfice his soul to kill the emperor's soul making it impossibol for either to ever be revived.

Also the death of a soul means they stop existing and there cant be a more noble sacrifce then to your very existiance.

A other nice story for the jedi consular:
After saving the republic from the emperor's sons the consular has become a teacher at the jedi temple:
You will do alot of quest training different padawns over the course of time.
Getting into all kinds of trouble's trying to teach them the ways of the force(i would even reroll a jedi consular for this story)
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