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12.11.2012 , 04:23 PM | #2377
Edit: Shout Outs!

Hoyden - Loving reading about Skari and Crae, especially how creepy (seriously, that last bit? freaking creepy) he is.
LogicLoup - Good to see Maneera messing with Corso and, of course, some time with her parents, even if it is only short (Can we see more? )
Striges - I want more Jurial, he seems so awesome and questioning and he's exactly what I would be like if I were a Jedi (I hope) and he seems so awesome...
Ereiniel - Really interesting to see a bit of Andronikus and his history, and Andrina seems wonderfully principled (and smart). Was that Corso being jealous of her half-brother, though? The things I've heard about that man...

I suck, I suck D:

I'm taking a break from my other-related whargle-bargle at the moment, so I can work on my writing, which only depresses me when I want it to ._.

Anyway, in spirit of Night of the Living Prompt (thank you guys SO much for this), I Love This Bar, which sort of turned into Worst Day Ever and Firsts:

Padawan Broan, aged about 16
Padawan Jothar, aged about 15


I'll get back to doing more Broan and Rochester cuddles soon, hopefully.