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12.11.2012 , 04:00 PM | #12
For the first character I would either go with 3 gathering skills or cybertech, scavenging and underworld trading. Cybertech let's you craft armorings and mods that you can slot into orange gear. Blue mods and armorings are sufficient for your leveling process. You can also make armorings and mdos for all classes which means you can keep all your companions gear up to date. You buy enhancements from the commendations vendor. If you intend to PvP a lot the reusable grenades at level 50 are a nice perk to the craft. You can also reverse engineer endgame lvl 26-27 armorings and mods which currently are BiS.

I find synthweaving and armormech to be expensive endeavors that will make you feel broke all the time. It isn't worth it to craft this gear and you will only be able to upgrade boots for example once every 7-9 levels making you quite undergeared if you rely on these crew skills. Note that I rolled cybertech for my first character and I was broke for months because I tried to reverse artifact gear for every level. It just isn't possible unless you can sell your stuff for decent cash on the GTN.