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Ok, so let me get this straight. In exchange for knowledge of "a location on ilum" and only 50 dark side points, I let the World Razer escape to eventually destroy the galaxy?

That is the stupidest *********** thing I've ever seen in terms of storyline in this game.

I mean, it bothers me a lot (in general) that apparently being "Dark Side" means that I can be bribed by just about anyone with stupendously small amounts of credits...But I LET THE GALAXY BE DESTROYED.

Welcome to bioware:
It is a well know fact bioware's idea of good is sparing life(even when sparing the life will cause suffering)
And killing is ALWAYS bad even if you could save trillions with it.

I think they do this in order to maintan a moral nuterality.

Beside as it has bin said:
Just because a good person commit's a evil act it doesnt mean he is evil.
If you keep commiting evil act's then yeah your dark side.
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