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12.11.2012 , 03:54 PM | #10
Why is providing free Tionese bad?

At this point, they should be handing out Columni and having it drop off every boss in level 50 FPs with the last boss dropping Rakata given that anyone with a main running EC / TFB even in story mode can pass along Rakata and better items to their alts using legacy gear and anyone able to make or buy a pile of credits can simply buy Campaign / BH gear off the GTN.

And there was a huge missed opportunity to support the crafting end game by allowing all this (Tionese / Columni / Rakata) gear to RE to schematics months ago when EC was released and unbind the crafted Rakata items such that all this level of gear could have been sold to other players.

Add to the above poster, no one will ever get the same feeling now as those who leveled to 50 a year ago felt as the game has moved on.

It just isn't possible for a new 50 to share the same sense of adventure with other fresh 50s as they will most likely end up grouped with players who over gear everything, have done it 100 times, and who just want to finish it fast for comms and thus will skip everything possible while spamming space bar on any and all conversations.

As such, anything that allows new, returning, or alts the chance to catch up gear wise and be able to participate in current content is good for the overall health of the game.