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Sadly AlixMV its not working still. It did actually work the very first time this issue occured, I just went back to the station. But did it again last night and neither option worked, so I just left the flash point. Do I get any reward or experience after the jump to light speed or is what I get in combat and in way of arms and armor it? If so then I think I'll just abandon it as I'm on Nar Shada now so no reason to go back unless I get something more.

And I agree! Tirvaak has been wonderful for trying their best to help me out.
Sorry that workaround didn't work again.

As someone commented downthread, I read another thread somewhere today that being in windowed mode then ALT-TABing out of the game right after selecting the departure option (Go to Dromond Kass or Return to the Fleet) and waiting for 30 seconds or so for the animation to complete before switching back to the game can also work as a workaround.
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