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Really want to point out that for your first character or two, trying to rely on a gear craft for your leveling experience will leave you a very very very very very poor and still half the time under geared Jedi.
While I agree with the first part I disagree with the second.

Yes, it can leave you VERY poor, but if you work it right you can have some REALLY good gear that will last you a while. But it does depend on how you play the game.

My first character was a jedi knight on a low pop server (pre server transfers). I played mostly solo with a smattering of flashpoints. I took synthweaving, archeology, and underworld trading as my crew skills. I quickly realized that gathering while questing always generated materials that were behind my level. So, I started doing missions to get materials that were slightly ahead of my level. This allowed me to work the reverse engineering system to get artifact quality gear that would be waiting for me when I reached the required level to use it.

However, in order to maintain this, I had to do EVERY space combat mission EVERY day simply for the credits and I had to forgo level 2 and eventually level 3 piloting because I could not afford the 225,000 credit price tag (I did eventually get level 2 and 3 piloting, but i was level 50 for quite a while).

On my second character, a smuggler, I leveled on a high pop server (post server transfers). I did a lot more flashpoints and heroic quests on planets. I took armormech, scavenging, and slicing as my crew skills. I tried the same tactics with this character's crew skills - staying ahead of my level so i would have gear waiting for me. However, because I ran more group content, I gained access to a lot more custom quality gear. So, typically, the artifact quality crafted gear I had waiting for me, was either insufficient to supplant the custom quality gear I had, or it was only an upgrade for a level or two at most.

The point is that if you play mostly solo, crafted gear is far superior to quest rewards if you work the skills properly. If you do a lot of group content, then Nythain's statement is accurate.