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Even Caedus couldn't do so much against Luke. Luke froze him on the spot with a slight gesture (maybe not even a gesture I think). And Caedus is, in my opinion, the second most powerful Sith Lord ever. There really isn't much she could do, nothing she could do actually.

The fight lasts about three to five seconds. The first two seconds involve Luke activating his lightsaber, and the third is him bashing her in the Jedi Temple with his hilt.

I understand that you don't like landslide victories, but this is really a landslide. Surik can't do anything in this fight.
't's an interesting point. But besides from that, what I wonder is if Boba Fett is a trooper in BH social gear, or if Fett somehow hacked the system; how else was he, an appearant BH, able to wield a rifle? Could you please spend some time finding out about this? I need a definite answer.