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12.11.2012 , 03:20 PM | #48
Add another name to the list...

I'm a new subscriber too, thought i'd try one month paid but i've had nothing but trouble with both the launcher, patches and loading areas.

I've tried all the fixes suggested on this thread so far, and nothing, still getting stuck at asset 94 with 0%.

I've even endured a 6 hour chkdks on the 2Tb drive the game is installed to which solved nothing other than wasiting most of my day. I'm currently re-installing the whole damn game, which will take another day or so with the terrible download speeds i'm getting and frankly during that time i'm likely to be playing other MMO's, ones that work and actually patch.

I doubt i'll bother with another month subs if this doesnt resolve the issue, because i dont want to pay for something i cant use and who's CS team appear to blame people's PC's over even considering there may be a larger issue at hand. Dont mean to be harsh but its a reasonable sized group having this problem, cant be ALL our PC's fault...