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So far as I know, Advanced Skill Mod 9s are not craftable. They can only be ripped from gear that has it already.

Here is the recipe for Advanced Skill Mod 8

And the one for Advanced Skill Mod 10

Craftable armoring recipes update every 2 levels, but craftable mods update every 4 levels. Enhancements (Artifice) update every 4 levels as well, alternating with the mods.

So it would go something like:

Level 21
Skill Armoring 8
Skill Mod 8

Level 22

Level 23
Skill Armoring 9
Enhancement 9

Level 24

Level 25
Skill Armoring 10
Skill Mod 10

The in-between gear (e.g. Skill Mod 9) is obtained from mission rewards, commendation vendors and rare drops.