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Engineering Sniper is probably one of the best 1v1 specs in the game provided you can maintain LoS.

I think that's intended. But Snipers are for area denial, and wouldn't usually be engaging in many 1v1 situations provided you are playing the warzone objectively. They're going to be incredibly powerful if you try to just stand there and facetank them in the area that they specifically denied.

If you LoS them then they have a few choices:
- Leave cover and try to chase you down
- Stay there and pick a different target
- Stay there and die to your DoTs. With effectively no self-healing we are susceptible to Madness Sorcs dotting up and LoSing.

A Sniper without cover is a sitting duck. A Sniper who is out of cover is even weaker than an Arsenal Mercenary, believe it or not. As an Engineer Sniper I try to be mobile whenever possible (means leaving cover), but if I make a mistake and misjudge the leap cooldowns and/or locations of an enemy SW/JK then more than likely I'll be dead in a few seconds after they get the leap on me.

So yes, stealthers and people with a brain are very good against Snipers but that's not the point - the Sniper's main job is to deny areas to the enemy team either through AoEs or threat of direct attack.

P.S. Even though Assassins are great against Snipers I find that you can simply hunker down after the initial stun, drop an Orbital Strike on your own location once they pop Force Shroud to force a stalemate, either they stand there and take massive damage or decide to break off the engagement and wait till your cooldowns are not available.
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