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Title says it all really but I'll elaborate, please note this isnt a "BW SUX LOL" thread. I'm putting a lot of thought and effort in this post

With today's 1.6 patch I dont even know anymore if Ill stick around as a paying subscriber. Why? So many reasons!
First of all lets start with the patch itself, it came out very fast, about 3hours before they said it would be and thats a good thing right? Wrong. There's inherent bugs in it that should've been fixed and plain lies in the patchnotes. Items instantly binding to people from Cartel packs? Subscribers not being able to log in but being put in a queue (to which the CS doesnt even bother to reply), apparently low XP from Warzones and a few others Ive seen floating around. Come on BioWare, this was your moment to shine! 1.5 brought so many tasty goodies! A Cartel Market that was optional and more people coming in to play, it was going to be fun!
But then the greed kicked in didnt it? This brings me to part two.
You're getting greedy BioWare/EA (I dont know who is to blame here so I'll keep putting both) and I dont like it.

You're selling Life Day stuff exclusively on the Cartel Market, why? If the subscribers got something out of it, fine but we dont get anything except some fireworks (woohoo....nice 1 year anniversary), and before people think Im being "entitled", this isn't being entitled. The people who subscribe have one up on the F2P people and this is past the no limits on Ops and Warzones. I pay $15 a month for this game and I was planning on staying a subscriber simply because Id hope that I wasnt going to be excluded from special stuff like this, but now it appears I am being excluded unless I pay extra on top of my subscription and I cant afford that.
And then there's the new Grade 7 Space stuff. If this is any indication for your Super Secret Space Project you can cancel it, its money grabbing. You know damn well that a lot of people will be too lazy to earn all those comms/creds and whatnots. I hope that people realize that this is also something thats simply NOT done and express this by not buying the upgrades and not playing the new Space missions.

And then I just read that there's no events planned for either the anniversary OR Christmas? Im not a religious person and I dont really care about Christmas but even I recognise it as THE holiday of most of your customers.
Again this was a chance for you to shine BioWare! No Life Day event means that the Life Day stuff you put on the Cartel Market will have no significant value since lets be honest, it aint that pretty.

All of these things combined make me fear BioWare... it makes me fear for the new species, will they be Cartel Market only? Will subscribers have to pay extra for them? And what about Makeb? How big of an expansion will it be and will subscribers get any good deals on that? What about the good old CE vendor? Are you forgetting about that? Will you finally get all of your CS representatives to the same competence since some of them really suck at following their scripting or have no imagination to think outside of the box (Im available if you need me, Ive done it before)? Or will you give up on us, your loyal people, and only care about money? Are you going to play the money game rather than the game game.
You guys are BioWare for pete's sake! You guys made RPG's to what they are today! Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Knight of the Old Republic, Dragon Age: Origins and even Mass Effect 1! gosh darnit, you're making me angry here! And sad... sad because we dont want to lose a company that contributed so much to us. Angry because you are letting yourself get played like idiots!
So I implore you developers, artists, writers, programmers and management of BioWare. Leave BioWare/EA behind if they are in the way between you and great games, if they force you onto this mediocrity of gaming. Dont let yourself become part of a milkmachine like Activision and EA Sports.
Leave or tell EA where to stick it and make some GOOD content for SWTOR (and other games) with thoughts to the FANS and not the money. I understand you guys have a certain ROI you need to make, but this isnt how to do it. This is thinking on short term.

Show us that you love us as much as we love you, because we have infinite love for you and your games.

Please, turn it in the other direction when it was good. Remember that we always love you and we know its not all your fault

To the people who are making these "business choices": I don't wanna talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!
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