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Why? It's a free bonus of protein surely? You'd complain about getting given free stuff?
Unlike you, I understand nothing is ever free. Even spiders.

The same can be said for anything in SWTOR though, and any bug affecting anything in SWTOR.
At least you understand the concept of marketing something people don't need but doing so they think they do. You of course sound like you fell hook line and sinker for it even if you don't like it. But, thumbs up for you on that.

Unfortunately BIoware EA disagrees.
Which is fine with me. It is there game but given this one aspect of the game and how little ot affects anything. the hyperbole around here is amazing.

If there is NO other way to get it price can only become a bigger issue, if money is no object at all, then you shouldn't be bothered either way if you can get it in other ways......... but you say that DOES bother you.
Pricing in no way others me. Not putting things in game play to be acquired is bothersome. Clearly you're smart enough to see the difference?

I think it's closer to 100% myself.
Nope, among the things I think your POV has lead you to the wrong conclusion on, this is another one.

Neither of which is what I was saying, I was saying there is no event (unsurprisingly from my point of view, perhaps surprisingly from yours), and that if there was we may well have to pay extra for it anyway.
Well guess what? There is no event so you don't have to pay. REJOICE!

Might be best to not speculate and assume though. That leads you to wrong conclusions and such other things.