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I heard Gunslingers are supposed to be a hard counter to melee classes.....

Where did this come from? I'd figure range would be their advantage, and they should be disadvantaged vs melee. But hey, maybe they are indeed supposed to be the counter to melee.

But are they not also the counter to ranged classes? Cover protects against ranged fire.

I'm honestly missing what is supposed to counter Gunslingers. Powertechs used to be able to stun and grapple then down off a catwalk (if they get that rare window where they aren't Hunker'd Down immune to CC for 20 sec on a 1 min cooldown, or white bar resolve)..... but the change to the stun distance really removed that.

It doesn't seem like you could win a shooting war with one, because of the advantage of Cover.

And, they seem to melee better than melee classes, with Orbital Strike and AoE Fire cast directly on top of themselves, cluster bombs, Hunker Down, big knockback with roots, stun knife, leg shooting, flashbangs, etc.

I'm really at a loss on what counters this class. Would love to hear some discussion on this.

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Stealth classes and ranged dot classes. Also, rage/focus warriors/knights can leap to them.