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No point of view to it. Bugs on food warrents a complaint.
Why? It's a free bonus of protein surely? You'd complain about getting given free stuff?
Digital item that has no affect on the game you pay for and you have no need to get it beyond self indulgence - No so much.
The same can be said for anything in SWTOR though, and any bug affecting anything in SWTOR.
We agree here.
Unfortunately BIoware EA disagrees.
Not at all here.
If there is NO other way to get it price can only become a bigger issue, if money is no object at all, then you shouldn't be bothered either way if you can get it in other ways......... but you say that DOES bother you.
50/50 at best.
I think it's closer to 100% myself.
Was there ever an announcement of a Life day event or was that a player imagined, "We hope it will happen" thing?

Either way, the last thing we need is having to listen fear mongering and complaints about things that might or might not happen in the future? For all you know there going to charge you extra for that spider on your steak.
Neither of which is what I was saying, I was saying there is no event (unsurprisingly from my point of view, perhaps surprisingly from yours), and that if there was we may well have to pay extra for it anyway.
Real Star Wars space combat please, not Star Wars Fox! Maybe some PvP and flight too?
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