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If any of you have played any major MMORPG released within the last 10-12 years, you will no doubt realize how much we're being ripped off by BioWare and EA with having to pay for holiday themed items. In almost every game items similar to the Life Day orb or the Life Day tree, they are given free to all subscribers. On top of that, things that impact gameplay like speeders aren't the norm and shouldn't really be considered "Life Day" at all. I have been a subscriber to the game since launch and I've been in the beta for up to a year before that. I made a conscious choice to come back to SWTOR because I think it was and still is a great game.

However I will not purchase items in the cartel market that have been traditionally considered a gratuitous expression of thanks from developers to their customers, on specific holidays. Every major mmo has given these items for free or made them freely available. BioWare needs to stop trying to milk every dime it can from me, because it's making me less likely to buy anything else from their cartel market. Also, it's been 30 days since I got any cartel coins. Does this mean if I bought a 60 day card, I have to wait until my time is up and buy more time before I see anything added to my ledger? If so, you just lost a subscriber.....

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