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As I asked please?! If you can't validate your claim, you're just spreading rumors...and I think that the whole 1.7 balance BS is one massive rumor. Please...prove me wrong - I'd love to be.
devs said there would be no balance changes in 1.6( was either in the Q&A or an interview ), a few people took that statement and turned it into no balance changes until 1.7( was never said by devs ). they post that and QQers grab onto it so they have something to QQ about.

anyway, as for smash, BW went a little to far in how easy they made it to use. the other problem is, massive point blank AOEs should not be given to a class that has leap. other games ive played have attacks like smash, but they are given to true melee classes. leap pretty much makes it a long range AOE. other issue is, smashers can min/max for big damage without really losing out on anything, unlike some other classes/ac's.

and bubble, that is just plain broke and def will be fixed.
can't wait for this game to come out!