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Hi guys, if you're still encountering issues, please take the steps below.

If Main Assets is freezing/stalling, take these steps:

Please double check that (if you have it installed on your machine) your Java is up to date.

Then, ensuring that you have the launcher closed and gone from your Processes list in Task Manager, navigate to the game folder and delete the following files:
- "Patch" folder
- "Patch.long string of letters and numbers" folder
- "Patcher_-1toXX" or similar folders
- "assets_swtor_XXX_XXX" or similar folders (do not delete the folder named "Assets")
- "Patcher.version" file
- "Launcher.settings" file
- "Launcher.exe" file

Then download the setup file from and run this over your existing install.

Once this has completed, please restart your computer in Safe Mode with Networking, and let it patch.

If the issue is with Game Client, sometimes deleting the retailclient_swtor.version file is sufficient on it's own. If not, delete it, the "Patch.long string of letters and numbers" file and the "retailclient_swtorXXtoXX" folder, and take the setup file/safemode steps above.

Also, as mentioned above, disable SWTOR Unleashed as it can interfere.

I hope this helps.
So I did this, and now the launcher wants to redownload 11gb... fml, this happened last week too. Ended up giving up after it downloaded and reinstalled Windows to fix it, which worked. I won't be doing that again though.

At first my download speeds were 10mbps, but now they've dropped dramatically to 100kpbs with 6gb left to download which is infuriating. I called my ISP, they ran some checks and everything's okay, my ISP even tested this by making me download a 1gb file from an external site ( which downloaded in 3 minutes. What the actual fawk is going on BW? Sort out your shyt kkthx.
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