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12.11.2012 , 01:53 PM | #33
Yep, it happens.

My Operative is in full WH w/ EWH weapons. Expertise is around 1310 or so. Smash/Sweep usually hits me between 5000-6000 from most players. There are maybe 3-4 Jugs/Guards on our server that seem to always hit me for well over 6000 though. Maybe the medium armor? Or not, because everyone seems to get hit for this much.

Still waiting for them to make Hidden Strike an AOE so I can hit everyone around me for 5k....oh wait, HS only hits for about 3k on someone in full WH gear because they nerfed the piss out of it.
"I know, a well played Scoundrel or Operative can still be lethal... but any class well played can be lethal... the problem is while a well played Operative needs to be run like Jimmy Hendrix ripping his guitar for the national anthem - other classes can be played by head-butting the keyboard and top dps charts." - DarkHelsing