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12.11.2012 , 01:51 PM | #533
SWTOR is almost out for a whole YEAR! Looking at all of the content they have released I am quite frankly amazed that I'm still enjoying this game to this day.

I am amazed that they developed so many new items and "events" that I have to pay extra for. That subscription fee we've been paying? Oh you know those 13 euro a month are just for upkeep of the service, please don't expect updates to the game itself.

Oh well I guess we should be happy that even if we do not get any updates to the game itself...we can at least buy feast day items if we pay an amount of money equivalent to a month of playtime for them.

Game update 1.6! Can't wait what's in it! Just a warzone? Guess it's better than nothing.... oh look and another gambling box for the cartel shop filled with many new and exciting items that we have to pay for without even knowing if we'll get what we want!

Yes a bright future indeed