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Since when has the gaming industry been about anything but the money? And don't say Indie devs are all about the game and not the money, because while there are those dedicated few who only do it for the enjoyment of it, there are plenty Indies out there doing it for the money or to get enough street cred to be employeed by the Evil Nasty Corporate Empire. The naivety of the gaming populace never ceases to astound!!

Every business is about making a profit. There is no question about that. There were times though ( not long ago) were most of these game producers were small companies. You know we had ATARI and then a big gap then NINTENDO and in between those many small enterprises wanting to come up with the next big thing.

I bring this up in context to the point you were making. There were days , not long ago, were the emphasis on game development was around creating markets. In those days producers focused more about attracting customers with new and unique content. Those days are gone. The EQ/Wow genre has matured and is the current unshakable standard. What we have now is a known formula to attract costumers and maintain a business... the only thing that seems to currently evolve/grow are the subscription/sales strategies around the actual game and how to maximize profits/minimize risks based on those... thus the statement " it is all about the money"

It is all part of the great natural cycle of capitalism imho. Who knows, we may live to see the next big thing when it comes to gaming?