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The hardest hit in the game is a free (with 4 stacks), auto-crit, AOE ability with a lowerable active cooldownAnd tbh, I think that smash needs a much more urgent nerf than Bubble stun, since bubbles can easily be countered by a ranged dps (yes, they exist in this game). If slingers/commandos/sages actually existed, at least on my server, as dps, then I doubt that so many people would complain.
This actually couldn't be more true... trust me, I HATE the bubble spec on my deception assassin, I have left games that had two of these healers on the other side, it's just not fun.

But the issue is the overwhelming benefits melee have in the game, making ranged dps rare to come by. Lack of ranged dps unfortunately makes melee dps lives less fun. If there were a sniper and a dps sorc/merc in every warzone (ranked included), bubble stun would be less of an issue.

I do think bubble stun should be changed a bit, mostly to handle resolve differently, but that is an issue with the resolve system at the core. Smash is a much bigger issue, hope it gets a BIG reworking. As said, the game's hardest hitting ability also autocrits, has ways to increase damage greatly and easily, has easy force management and can be cooldown reduced... and if that isn't enough it's a 5 person AoE! Effing retarded and anyone who says this is cool is a bit slow or a troll. BW taking so long to gather their metrics before they change this just shows poor judgment and a lack of caring for the customer base.
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