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What I could read from other threads on the forum, the class is more in trouble due to boosts of other classes like Sentinel/Marauder. And when I played before 1.2 with my Powertech Pyrobuild, they hit pretty hard, so I'm not that scared from playing on in PVP - Too much QQ as usual on the forums, instead of adapting and so on. Anyways, you never told me the answer to my first question regarding the stats to boost dots?

I'm not sure what type of attack(tech-atttach?) it is, or how you can boost it stacking WP or POWER (or perhaps other)?

Thanks alot for the update on the class - much appriciated.
Theory crafter seem to say willpower is the way to go for the extra crit with the 6% bonus to WP from talent. My guess is WP vs power in the end arrive pretty close but if you absolutely want BiS I'm fairly sure WP gives better result with the combined crit + extra damage.

Obviously, having a good hilt and offhand matters a lot also.