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Lol, what?

You're going off the assumption that Team B is lesser skilled.
No I am not. In fact, I stated "all else being equal." Again, Team B will have the gear advantage at the beginning of the Op, and thus have an easier learning curve while performing the Op. Since Team A will not have that advantage, they will have to rely on other things other than straight gear stats in order to succeed. As such, we can presume that they may fail more often than Team B, thus work out better strategies and teamplay in order to succeed - things that help improve player and team skill over time, and something that Team B will be missing out.

Therefore, over time, Team A will end up being the more skilled team by virtue of time played and experienced gained - something that Team B cannot gain by buying gear in the store.

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If BW starts balancing content with cash shop purchases in mind, why have a subscription? My subscription should give me full access to space, operations, flashpoints and PvP balanced on my subscription. That's what it says on the website. The space missions are not balanced on a subscribers account, the balance is clearly around a subscriber purchasing at least some cash shop items, which is absurd.
Where on the website is the phrase "balanced on my subscription" appears? Amazing how players conveniently forget that all subs get a monthly allotment of CC which enable FREE purchases to be made from the store, therefore pretty much negates PAYING to buy anything.

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