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That's a complete copout.
Either you think we'll get a Life Day Event or you don't, which is it?
It's not a copout. I simply don't have an opinion one way or the other, because I do not care one way or the other, and so will not attempt to gaze in the crystal ball. It seems it's a moot point now anyway...

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No that's actually how the Freemium model works.
Maintanance mode isn't good, yes some will play it still, but they will be playing a zombie-game and there won't be many of them.
Of course MM isn't good - as a player you always want to see a game continue to kick out content, but unless it be fan made mods, no game has ever done that ad infinitum. Therefore, is the content that is already there enough to keep the core playerbase with the whales around. GW1 has proven that it can for half of it's life already. In terms of SWTOR, it will for me. For anyone else, that's purely up to them. Clearly, SWTOR is not in MM yet and they are apparently still working on the SSSP. If that comes to fruition, I dare say that there will be more than enough to keep the core fanbase engaged for a few more years when MM does hit - same as it did for SWG.

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