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12.11.2012 , 12:26 PM | #506
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Well i love swtor but I have to say this makes me mad. This is the first mmo that I have ever played that makes you pay to enjoy holiday fun. There should really be quests to get these items at least for subs. This is a big fat fail imo bioware.
I agree, I haven't moaned about anything not bug related, been here since beta, always subbed, but this just smacks of an attempt to cash in and rip players off. Bioware, how about REWARDING your loyal subscribers with something more than 25 bloody fireworks ? I am not seeing anyone driving around in the Xmas speeder or wearing the Xmas outfit, I hope this meanness ends up slapping you in the face.

Having ship parts which appear to be essential to doing any of the new space missions on the market is also disturbing, I thought the cartel market wasn't going to be play to win ?

Oh and how about working out some rewards for for players above legacy 20 ? Y'know again the dedicated ones who have stuck in this game through all the bugs, and through thick and thin.