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It's cursed by GREED!!! Nothing but pure GREED is to blame for Star Wars MMOs failing. Happened in SWG with the CU as they needed to keep up with W0W, and again with the it's happened here with most of the same guys who sunk SWG, pretending they knew best what Star Wars fans that they've failed again, they turn to the cash shop to milk their players...this has been the plan all along.

SWTOR didn't cost 150+mil to couldn't have. SWTOR was simply designed to be a F2P cash shop.
I feel as you for the most part my friend. One point were we differ. I do believe that EA and BW actually "tried" to make a subscription MMORPG. But, the emperor couldn't see that his new suit was nonexistant and that they were serving up "stone soup" to all of us that were clamoring for "another Star Wars™" MMORPG. BW failed to produce seemingly so by EAs overhyping SWTOR and rushing it to market to put their grubby hands on some sort of short term ROI. I am all for making money but, the way EA has gone about it is no way to win lasting and long term customers. But, a big company with lots of properties can always burn their customers. They have the means to cover their losses in one area with a success in the other. When you are constantly juggling short term properties to carry each other as EA does one wonders when their entire house of cards will fall.