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So BW has come out and stated that there will be no "Life Day" event, or is everyone just assuming that there is no event yet that we aren't going to see one?

To agree with the original post you quoted though, I would have been perfectly happy not to have seen any Life Day stuff at all - canon or not, I still have nightmares about watching the crapfest that was the Holiday Special when I was a kid. But since it's there, I'll probably get it - already got my Hobbit tix and still have some spare cash just yearning to be spent on something frivolous.
In the spirit of SWTOR gambling boxes I bet you 3000CC there won't be any event, what odds do you give me?

Or the flotsam and jetsam will be sloughed off and the game will be left with a core playerbase who enjoy it as it is and continue to support it - kinda like every other MMO out there.

That's not how Freemium works, without the "whales" the whole model collapses under it own weight, and if they have less then 500,000 subs left by that point the game at best goes into Zombie-mode, and at worst is closed.
Real Star Wars space combat please, not Star Wars Fox! Maybe some PvP and flight too?
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